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We aim to empower farmers who have lost upper limbs with more affordable & functional prosthetic solutions.

Our first product is for operating tractors. Please watch this quick concept feedback video:

Team Gathers Feedback with Early-Stage Prototype

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Background: we have recognized a need and developed a prosthetic solution to help out farmers who have lost an upper limb. Our task-specific prosthesis is designed uniquely for operating the controls machinery. We are are pursuing 501c3 non-profit status and dedicated to making niched prosthetics more accessible and affordable to the populations we aim to serve.

Product Overview:
Our two-component prosthetic system is a durable, upper-limb solution for operating machinery. The terminal device interfaces with control-mounted adapter(s) to enable a quick, safe, and intuitive manipulation of cockpit controls.
Terminal device and adapter

The unique interface eliminates the need for precise prehension during operation, and thus allows for quick transition from steering wheel to primary controls. The terminal device is compatible with existing body-powered systems (friction and quick disconnect wrist units).

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